Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What Is Suspension Training?

If you haven’t used TRX suspension training before then you need to. For those of you who have yet to see this type of training, it is a rope and pulley system with adjustable straps and grips with integrated foot cradles. As long as a secure anchor point can be found, (e.g. around a tree, door frame, lamppost etc) TRX suspension fitness offers trainers many effective options to work with diverse client groups. The US Navy Seals actually developed the TRX as a way of keeping in shape regardless of where they were deployed in the world. The TRX mantra is ‘Fitness anywhere’ and ‘Make your body the machine’.

For any new piece of kit or new training modality to develop from a ‘fad’ into a mainstay of the fitness industry, it needs to have a beneficial effect to the fitness of those taking part and more so, clients need to believe in the product. To do this firstly we need to gain an understanding of how The TRX works.

The majority of the population is blissfully unaware of how we are required to move and control our bodyweight when we perform everyday tasks. TRX suspension fitness takes your bodyweight and, through the manipulation of angles, levers and pivot points, puts it to work. For trainers, suspension fitness has made free weights and resistance machines less pivotal in producing a challenging resistance workout as we can use what we always have – ourselves and gravity, Which is where ‘Make your body the machine’ comes in!!

Functional Training

The term ‘functional training’ is a very hot topic in the fitness industry at the moment and gets branded about a lot, but what does it mean? Whilst in the gym I’m always amazed at the large amount of people who just exercise in straight lines. E.g. running on the treadmill, cycling, rowing and doing your traditional weights workout of chest press, shoulder press, bicep curls etc.

Saying this we do obviously need to workout in our forward plane of movement, as this is how we achieve a lot of our fitness goals. However, I’d also like to stress the importance of exercising using the different planes of movements. Functional fitness is all about strengthening the body and keeping it flexible so that everyday tasks are a little easier to complete.

As well as helping you improve your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, you will also find that with every exercise you do with the TRX will work your core muscles massively, due to the fact that you are suspended. There are of course other multi plane pieces of kit that you can use, such as, the viper, kettlebells and medicine balls, which are all great ways to train but they aren’t as portable as the TRX or in my opinion as challenging and enjoyable either.

A Win Win Situation

As a personal trainer, it is a piece of kit that we’ve all been waiting on for quite some time. It is portable, cheap, accessible and incredibly versatile. For you as clients, it is new, interesting and produces results. What more could you ask for! Isn’t it great for one piece of kit to offer such a variety in exercises, and your approaches to training,

Friday, 9 March 2012

My Fitness Pal

The 'My Fitness Pal' app has been round for a while, but its a great tool to help you with your weight loss goals.

The majority of my clients want to gain some nutritional advice but find it difficult to track their calories in, versus their calories out. Look no further as this app will do this for you!

It is also surprising that the majority of people tend to underestimate the amount of calories they consume and most over estimate the amount of calories they burn.

This app will aid you in your weight loss goals.

How It Works?

After you have downloaded it, (I believe it is available on both iPhone and Android Phones), you need to add in your current weight and your desired weight, along with a few other personal details. One thing to watch out for, you may feel like you are an active person, the majority of people actually live a sedentary lifestyle. If you have a desk job and workout for one hour everyday, I would set your lifestyle as sedentary.

How to Treat The App?

Think of this app as a balance sheet.

Money In Vs Money Out
Calories in to the body (Food) Vs Calories out of the body (Exercise)

If you don't have a smart phone then no worries you can do all of this online through their website. Here is the link http://www.myfitnesspal.com/

For the first week it is a bit of work, but this app remembers all of your meals, snacks and workouts so it gets easier as you go. There is also a barcode scanner included so you can just scan the food packet and all the nutritional info is added automatically! As well as tracking you calorie intake, it also breaks down information on the essential food groups (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) and shows whether you're getting the right amount in your diet.

Good Luck and enjoy

Just remember.....be honest, its only yourself that you will be cheating and lying to in the end!!