Thursday, 2 May 2013

Northwood Recreation Outdoor Gym Session

Now the weather is getting warmer and brighter why not make the most of the outdoors gym at Northwood Rec and exercise in the great outdoors? 

Here is one possible workout that you can do in this outdoor gym that will really hit the spot.

It would be more effective after your normal running or walking session but is challenging enough to be done on its own, but only after a short warm up.

It’s no More than 20 minutes.

Exercise 1 – Rows x 20 reps
The straighter the body the harder the exercise

Exercise 2 - Squats and Lunges
Complete - 10 squats, 10 Lunges, 8 squats, 8 lunges, 6 squats, 6 lunges, 4 squats, 4 lunges, 2 squats, 2 lunges. (To make it harder then work your way back up)

Exercise 3 – Press Ups x 20 reps
If you need to then do the press ups on your knees, but try a few full press-ups. 
Option 1

Option 2

Exercise 4 – Tricep Dips 20 reps
The straighter the legs the harder the exercise on option 1.
 Option 1

Option 2

Exercise 5 – Shoulder Press Ups x 20 reps

Exercise 6 – Pull Ups x 20 reps

Starting Position

Ending Position

Exercise 7 – Knee Tucks x 20 reps

 Starting Position

Ending Position


Exercise 8 – Sit Ups x 20 reps

Exercise 9 – Cool Down

Full Body Stretch. 

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading