Monday, 10 February 2014

'Fitness Just Isn't For Me' - Here's What We're Going To Do About It.

When you think of a traditional gym members, a certain profile automatically comes into your head.  These people have high levels of fitness and participate in a lot of physical activity. If you think about an obese person, an ante or postnatal woman, or the elderly then you probably don't make the initial link with fitness.

It is a common myth that fitness isn't for everyone, and when I was setting PB Fitness up it was (and still is) my aim to smash that myth and make 'exercise fun and accessible for all'. 

As we all know people come in all shapes and sizes, and with their own special fitness requirements, medical conditions and exercise experience. These factors taken into account means that a one size fits all approach definitely doesn't work when it comes to exercise. Everyone has their own target and goals that they want to work towards, this could be being able to run 10 meters or completing an Iron Man, which is why at PB Fitness each target is considered just as significant as any other.

Another aim that I had when setting PB Fitness up was to make people aware that exercise doesn't necessarily have to be done in the gym or even involve breaking a sweat. For people that are continuously on the go then it is more beneficial for them to exercise their mind and body through yoga or gentle exercise. For post natal women, incorporating more movement into their daily routine is important. I always try to encourage my Postnatal clients to take the baby out for a walk in a push chair, to get them out of the house, active and it has a positive impact on building energy for the day.

As a fitness professional I understand the requirements of each individual and what type of exercise is appropriate for them, is important in helping me to reach my mission statement of 'making exercise fun and accessible for all' and getting more people to lead active lives. I believe that giving people the knowledge of what is available and appropriate for them will help to break down the barriers of exercise being something to fear, when it is really something that is accessible to everyone. This is why at PB Fitness you can have a free consultation to talk through what is the best way to go about reaching your goals.

One recent example of this is that I had a client come to me and say that they don't have much time, find exercise boring and dislike doing repetitive exercise. With all this information taken into account I designed a programme that kept the exercises short and sharp, the sessions were fun as they were design around single set training, circuits and game based drills. This meant that there was not much rest and enable us to pack in a huge amount of exercise into the valuable time we had.

Why not take that first step and book a free consultation with me to discuss how we can make your fitness goals fun and accessible to you.

Many thanks for reading