Friday, 18 September 2015

Online Personal Trainer

For most people face-to-face personal training is the best route to achieve their health and fitness goals. However due to time constraints, finical or other commitments not everyone can meet with a trainer. This is were online personal training is the next best thing.

What are the benefits of online personal training and who is it for?

Online Personal Training Saves You Time.

Traveling to your gym can double the time needed for exercise and is just the excuse needed to not exercise at all. Training from home, at the office, in the park or on the beach can trim your exercise time by half.

I know you may be thinking...but how can I make exercise effective without using the gym? This is where your own personalised plan will fit in. It will guide you through the exercises that you need to complete, the number of sets and reps or the length of time you should do the exercise for. 

Best of all you will also save time as you will not need to think about what you need to do for each session just complete the session plan given to you.

Online Personal Training Saves You Money

Our online personal training services offers the professional advice, guidance and motivation that you need to help you achieve your health and fitness goals at a fractions of the price of the traditional face-to-face sessions.

How Will Online Personal Training Work?

Once we've designed your personalised fitness plan (tailored specifically to you and your fitness goals; created from the answers to the questionnaire we supply). We will agree a schedule of activities tailored to your experience, lifestyle, performance and goals.

We will guide you through various factors and elements which require measurements, ranging from weighing yourself, measuring yourself, timing your performance and general questions and answers about your well-being.

What is Included and How Much?

Included in your monthly fee of £20 is:

  • Professional consultation
  • Personalised workout plans
  • Monthly progression meetings (Via Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Email, Twitter or Facebook)
  • Instruction, guidance, motivation and support.
If you would like to start your new online fitness programme now then click >>HERE<< to get started ASAP.

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