Friday, 27 February 2015

Are You A Sports Massage Devotee?

If you are a sports massage devotee then you might be interested in the new offering that I have for block bookings.

A bit like training, the more regularly you have a sports massage the more likely it is that the effects will hold and the more likely you are to reap the benefits.

Most people wait until they're in proper pain before they book a massage, without realising that preventative treatment is actually more cost effective (and a lot less painful) in the long run.

So at PB Fitness I am offering:

  • 4x 60 minute massages for £120 usually £140
I Probably don't need to tell you how beneficial massage is, but here's a few main benefits:

  • Increases flexibility
  • It reduces pain
  • It increases joint range of motion
  • It helps you burn fat - (the better you move the more calories you'll burn during exercise and the less likely you are to get injured, which will stop you exercising)
  • It feels fantastic
  • Its stress relieving
  • And many more

Get in touch today to book your treatment.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

No Pain No Gain?....Go Hard or Go Home?

We have all heard the phases 'no pain no gain' and 'go hard or go home' banded around, and to be honest these have to be my least favourite quotes within the fitness industry.

When I hear the word pain it doesn't encourage me to do that activity if it's going to cause me pain. If you are new to exercise or overweight, then nothing is more likely to put you off exercise than pain.

Pain isn't there for no reason. It is there to indicate that there's something wrong.

I not talking about a bit of a 'burn' after doing 20 press ups, 20 squats, 20 sit ups etc. I mean that 'OW, thats about to snap / feels unnaturally tight / feels like I'm being stabbed,' type pain. All of which indicate an actual problem and that you should stop.

We all know what happens if we don't stop, we get injured and then you don't get to do any exercise at all and have to spend ages getting better, which will probably kill your motivation and lead you to eat more.

So...don't ignore pain pain. Lactic acid and muscle soreness is fine, sharp stabbing pain is not!

At PB Fitness I don't believe in eliciting pain; in fact I consider breaking people with inappropriate exercises to be dumb training. Nor do I believe in making people struggle to get results that they want.

Because just like you, I want you to enjoy feeling fit and working out!

I want you to have a laugh whilst exercising!

I want you to enjoy your food and find it easier to stay in shape!

Whilst 'go hard or go home' is helpful for some, if you train by beasting yourself in to the ground every time then this is a fast track way to burning out, getting injured, getting sick or giving up!

You need to be smarter when you train and leave a bit left in the tank. This way you will be able to get some more great work done tomorrow, instead of not being able to walk down the stairs or sit down without screaming in pain!

January and February are primetime for overtraining with people starting their new year resolution and going to hard to soon, wanting to see instant results and this is one of the biggest reasons why most resolutions end prematurely.  However, unfortunately it takes time to build up a programme affectively.

Don't let your fitness journey end this way. Train smart, train hard and leave a little bit in the tank, ready to kick butt the next day.
At PB Fitness I will do absolutely everything we can to make sure that the experience my clients have is as enjoyable as possible. This is both from a training and nutritional perspective. If it is a programme that you need then check out my Personal Training Packages

As well as this I now offer soft tissue massage that will help you stay on top of any niggles you might have >>>CLICK HERE<<< for more information.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Scale Rage

I'am not a huge fan of weighing people and using this information as the be-all and end-all to see if their programme is working correctly. The basis behind weighing is to provide you with positive or negative feedback as to how well you're doing, whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain the weight you are at.

Many people believe that weighing is automatically beneficial and that whatever the result of the weighing, it will in some way encourage adherence to whatever program the person is on. However in my experience, more often than not this is not the case and people become slaves to the scale and get what I like to call scale rage.

In addition to this having a reliance on the scales shifts the focus of exercise from the desired outcomes of health, well-being, confidence, improved body shape and fitness, to just a number on the scales.

The other major problem is that weighing will inevitably leed to comparisons with the so call social 'norms', most of which are not that normal.

This is why at PB Fitness I focus on monitoring body fat %, as well as using circumference measurements and regular reviews of health biomarkers, fitness levels and mood. I have found these measurements to be far more accurate representations of progress and a lot less disheartening for my clients.

If you would like to try this out then sign up for personal training session which includes a free fitness consultation, 1, 4, 8 or 12 personal training sessions and nutritional advice.

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