Monday, 22 February 2016

Are You Ready For Change?

Are you starting to struggle with your January fitness regime? Check out the stages of change model and see how it can affect your behaviour.

At the Pre-contemplation phase you are not seriously considering the possibility of change. The goal for this stage is to get you to move onto the next stage, encouraging you to contemplate the change for yourself.

Contemplation is where you become aware and acknowledge the existence of the need to change. During this phase you will way up the pros and cons as to whether to take actions or not. This is the stage where the majority of people get stuck in terms of weight loss, although you know all the health benefits to making the change there are a lot of barriers that need to be broken down.

During the preparation stage it is said that you will make a change within the next 3 months. To help strengthen your commitment for change look at developing SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed)

The action stage is where you actually start to make changes. To help stay in this phase you should reassess your goals regularly to help keep your plan on track.

During the maintenance stage you are looking at continuing your progress that your achieved during the action stage. During this stage you should re-evaluate your original goals and set new ones if these have been hit.

A relapse happens when you revert to your previous behaviour or fail to stick to your plan of action. At this stage you often feel like you have failed. However what you need to know is that relapses happen to everyone (even I have them), but they are vital to any successful change process so you can learn how to deal with them next time.

In the termination stage you no longer consciously worry about the change process and carry on your new behaviour automatically. In other words you have broken your old habits and formed new ones.

Just because you may feel like you have failed or starting to struggle with your new year fitness regime then don't give up. I hope this helps you to sit down and re-visit and re-evaluate for fitness goals and plan.

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