Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to Pick A Good Personal Trainer

The other day I read a great post online about how to choose a Personal Trainer. Unlike becoming an accountant, lawyer or doctor, there are no standard tests for personal trainers. You can do a 2 day course or even do it at home which is ludicrous.

The post that I read shared some pointers on how to pick a great PT. Reading the list made me feel pretty proud as I can honestly say that both myself and Adam tick all of the boxes. Here are a few pointers to look for.

1. A good PT teaches - they don't just tell you what to do but explain why you're doing it and how it will benefit your body.

2. A good PT individualises the process according to who you are, what your goals are, your lifestyle, what you like and don't like. A one size fits all approach is never on their agenda. There may be common threads, but everyone's body reacts to different stimuli in different ways.

3. A good PT motivates, but they don't babysit you. At PB Fitness our aim is to teach our clients as much as possible so that you are empowered to make good decisions for your health and fitness by yourself. We love supporting our members and always strive to go the extra mile, but no PT can be with you 24/7 and it's a great feeling for anyone to feel like they have the knowledge to help themselves where necessary.

4. A good PT helps you set goals for the long term as well as the short term. Every workout is part of a longer term plan.

I hope that these have helped if you are embarking on a new fitness journey this year then give yourself every chance of success and follow this advice.

If you would like to experience personal Training with PB Fitness please contact either or to discuss this more. Alternatively check out our website.

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